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" For a long time we have been calling for a bicycle specially adapted to our road conditions and with valuable quality at an affordable price. "

ČS. Zbrojovka Brno 1939

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  Zbrojovka Brno was established in 1918 from a former artillery workshop, supplying the Austro-Hungarian army during the war with spare parts for artillery, trailers for artillery ammunition and wooden boxes for rifle ammunition. The name "Československá statní zbrojovka" changed in 1924, when the factory became a stock company under the name "Československá zbrojovka"
Although both armaments production and well-developing peaceful production (automobiles and machine tools) were using the plant's capacity, which was expected to lead to a smaller influx of arms orders and to avoid the dismissal of qualified personnel, ancillary production was expanding, including bicycle production. Originally, it was considered to buy a license from the company Steyr, but without success, so Zbrojovka started itself in 1929.
  Production was around 15,000 bicycles a year, but due to the crisis in 1933, the competition culminated and the plant paid 14 Czech c for the production of one bicycle in order to retain qualified personnel for a possible expansion of arms production. During the occupation after the stopping of bicycle production in Brno, production was moved to the Stadion plant in Rakovník in 1941.

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CS. Armory Brno | Historic bike | Waffenrad | Radial | Monta | Trigla

The main models include the branded model "Z" (since 1935 with a radial center bearing), Special bicycles "Monta" and Folk bicycles "Triglav"

The black, very durable enamel of the frame had a high gloss and the decoration of the fenders with rims was according to the color card. There were tasteful decals on the frame and fender.

CS. Armory Brno | Historic bike | Waffenrad | Radial | Monta | Trigla

1939 - "Z"  ČS. Zbrojovka Brno

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