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Parts for exchange

SDW Preziosa- exchanged


Pedal Brennabor - exchanged

Brennabor Fahrrad

Steyr crank - exchanged

Steyr 1900 Kurbeln

Laufer badge - exchanged

Laufer  Gera GWS Steuerkopfschild fahrrad oldtimer

SDW Globus project- exchanged

Globus SDW vollscheibe

Waffenrad Steyr Badge- exchanged


Panzer 1920 Badge

Panzer Steuerkopfschild

Steyr Waffenrad axle

Waffenrad Axis

Favorit Badge

Favorite sticker for a vintage bike

Seidel Naumann project- exchanged

Naumann vollscheibe
Anchor 1

Vintage Bells - exchanged

Vintage Bicycle Bell

Steyr - Carbid Light Holder Replica


Steyr - Cranks R+L - exchanged

Steyr Waffenrad Kurbeln

Steyr - Cranks R+L

Steyr Waffenrad Kurbeln

Styria SDW - Crank L

Styria Waffenrad Kurbeln

SDW Diana - exchanged


Premier - Large Chainwheel

racing chainwheel

Oil Lamp - exchanged

Kerosene light

Palaba - Light- exchanged


Vintage Michelin Tires - exchanged

Michelin Bicycle Tires

Praga and Šumava - exchanged

Praga Wheel

Styria - Drum Brake

Saddle Brooks

brooks Fahrradsattel

Grease Nipples- exchanged

Crank screws - exchanged

5/8'' chain

5/8 bicycle chain

Sprocket 5/8´´

5/8 rosette round

Durkopp 1898 chainwheel

Durkopp Diana

Puch badge- exchanged

Puch Steuerkopfschild

Styria badge- exchanged

Styria Steuerkopfschild

Steyr Perun badge- exchanged

Perun Steuerkopfschild

Styria Chainwheel- exchanged

Styria vollscheibe

Puch chainwheel- exchanged

Puch Rad Graz

Styria chainwheel- exchanged

Styria vollscheibe

Styria - SDW - Cranks R+L

Styria Kurbeln

Styria / Patria WKC ? - Crank R

Patria WKC Kurbeln

Styria SDW ? - Crank R

Styria SDW Waffenrad Kurbeln

Premier ? - Crank R

Premier Cranks

Simson ? - Crank L

Simson Oldtimer Fahrrad Kurbeln

Tripol - exchanged


Premier - Chainwheel Small

1912 Torpedo F&S - exchanged

Torpedo Nabe

Daimon - Light- exchanged

Bells Tripol and Šumava- exchanged

Šumava Pichner

Wooden Grips - exchanged

Bicycle Carrier

Bike carrier

Leather Helmet- exchanged

alter Fahrradhelm

Air Pump Hoses- exchanged

Label Antonín Perič

Antonin Peric

Steyr 64 project- exchanged

Steyr Waffenrad

Puch Rambler project- exchanged

Puch Rambler

Puch project- exchanged

Puch vollscheibe

Premier project- exchanged

Premier vollscheibe

Steyr 101 project- exchanged

Steyr 101

SDW Globus project- exchanged

Globus vollscheibe

Bock Hollender project- exchanged

Bock Hollander Regent

Steyr 104 Project- exchanged

Armor wheel Vollscheibe

Greger project- exchanged

Greger vollscheibe

Puch project- exchanged

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