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“ The oldest and largest manufacturer of bicycles in
Austria-Hungary, founded in 1889 “
Styria Fahrradwerke, Joh. Puch & Comp

Styria - Globus 1910

Globus vollscheibe

   In 1896, Johann Puch was looking for a new partner due to the investment needed to expand Styria company, he found the German Bielefelder Maschinenfabrik, formerly known as Dürkopp.

It didn't take too long and in 1897 Bielefelder Maschinenfabrik, due to owning a larger amount of shares, removed Puch's main management, and then Johann Puch himself left also the company, however he formed new factory called "Styria Original". Later on conflict between "Styria"and "Styria Original" began. After almost a year of disagreement, the company "Styria Original" was renamed to "Johann Puch - Erste Steiermärkische Fahrrad-Fabriks-AG in Graz."

   It is important to note, that the name Puch was used by both competing companies for more than decade, which created a great deal of confusion at the time. (see Styria catalogue from 1912 below)

Styria vintage bicycle

Authentic photo with the owner of Styria Globus

Styria Waffenrad
Styria Globe 1910 | Waffenrad

Catalog Styria from year 1912

In 1901, Johann Puch patented his first solid chainwheel disc with decorative engraving and thus ushered in a new era in cycling, which is today a symbol of Austria-Hungary.


Of course Styria Fahrradwerke, Joh. Puch & Comp. decorated their bicycles also with these beautiful full discs, as can be seen on this Globus model, where the original paint and nickel are preserved.


1910 -  Styria Globus

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