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Premier - Postillon 1936

Premier Postilion

A special model 16 and 116, was a racing bike of English construction, where all shiny components were chrome-plated, there was a light Racer chainwheel with 46 teeth, racing pedals with clips, a racing torpedo with a brake and two sprockets. The front and rear forks had ends for quick removal of the wheels.

Premier Postilion 1936 | Premier Works | Hillman Herbert Cooper Ltd

Catalog from 1936 with model 116a

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Premier catalog
Historic Premier bike

This Premier comes from the collection of one of the best Favorit bike mechanics in Rokycany, František Babický.

A passionate racer on road bikes, a collector of historic bikes and, above all, a mechanic of the national team at the Peace Races, the World Cyclocross Championships, the World Championships on the track and on the road, or the Olympics in Montreal. He started as a mechanic in the Rokycany Favorit in a special workshop of František Hašek in 1957 and then participated in the production of the legendary F1 Favorit or other Special models for another 40 years.

František Babický | Favorite

1936 -  Premier Postillon

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