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Premier Britannia - 1907

Premier Britannia

   The beginnings of the Premier company date back to 1875, when Mr. William Hillman and Mr. William Herbert founded Hillman & Herbert Cycle Co Ltd. In 1876, George Cooper joined them and the company was renamed Hillman, Herbert & Cooper Ltd. Premier Cycle Co. was founded in 1891. Ltd and also a sister company of Premier Works in Cheb.

The Britannia model bears English origin both by its name also by the symbol of the beautiful signlabel and is one of the best quality bicycles of its time. The bike also has an English Lucas oil lamp made in Birmingham. The bike comes from the Křivoklát region, where the traces of time required careful renovation.

Premier Full disc bicycle

Authentic photo with the owner of Britannia

Lukas Lighthouse Birmingham Light

Lucas King light advertisement

Premier Vollscheibe

Premier Catalogue from 1904

Premier Historicke Kolo - Helical

Premier components

Fichtel & Sachs hubs have been used in bicycles since the beginning of the 20th century and for many years had by far the largest market share in Germany. In the meantime, it has been largely replaced by imported products and gears shifters. Fichtel & Sachs built this type of hub from 1903, a little later with hub gears, the invention of Ernst Sachs after eight years of development, with numerous modifications. For decades, it has been the standard on almost every bicycle. The popularity of the cheap Torpedo freewheel hub was mainly due to its maintenance-free.

Fichtl Sachs Torpedo Hub

1907 -  Premier Britannia 

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