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"The "Puch" brand ranks among world-class products,
Johann Puch - bicycle factory in Graz"

Johann Puch

Puch Vollscheibe

Puch men's bicycle from 1904 and Puch children's bicycle from 1913

Johann Puch was born in 1862 in the small Slovenian village of Sakušak. He apprenticed as a locksmith, in 1889 he opened a bicycle repair shop in Graz, and in 1890 he acquired a business for serial production under the name "Styria". Thanks to the high quality of the bicycles, he was known far and wide in the world. This was followed by several fundamental changes in the company with repeated renaming of the company, as is already known. Towards the end of 1899, its products bore the Puch label and had nothing to do with the Styria brand anymore.

Johann Puch
Puchaci (6).JPG

Johann Puch

Puch Rad Graz
Puch Waffenrad

Authentic photo with the owner of a Puch

Puch Fahrrad Katalog

The year 1905 is worth mentioning, when the Puch brand with driver Nikodem defeated the competitor Laurin & Klement in the Austrian elimination race at the Pacov circuit.

The oldest data on the production of Puch motorcycles come from 1902, when the form of the future motorcycle frame and the concept of the engine were probably created.

Johan Puch motorcycle

Johann Puch - photo gallery:

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