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“The greatest technical sophistication of the bike of the original IRIS brand not to be praised today, but every single bicycle that leaves our factory is a precision product. ”

EsKa - 1928 Iris

Eska Iris 1928 | Vintage Bicycle | Historical Wheel
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Eska Iris

   The history of the EsKa company, which was one of the largest and highest-quality manufacturers of bicycles in the Czech of its time, does not need to be mentioned again (more in the article EsKa - Cyclop Cycles).

   IRIS was one of the successful models, where the frames were soldered according to best practice with either internal or external joints. The chainwheels were supplied with 60 or 52 teeth. The letters and leaf ornaments on the chainwheel were glazed green, for colored bicycles in the color of the frame. Each original IRIS bike was provided with a sign, which also served as a trademark.

On request, all models listed in the catalog could be supplied with glossy chrome-plated components for an additional fee.

Historic bike
EsKa Catalogue

For each delivered bicycle, EsKa was liable for a faulty construction or defective material for one year, but no longer liable for wooden rims, tires, leather on the saddle or bags.


The warranty card of the EsKa plant from Cheb was issued for each bicycle purchased, on which the serial number was stated and also sales representative was mentioned.


On this preserved Iris with a muff-free frame from 1928, it is worth noting the highlighting of the inscription "IRIS" on the upper frame tube, chainring, pedals or sign, and of course the S and K markings on the original saddle could not be missing.

ESKA Iris Catalogue

1928 -  EsKa Iris

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