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"Standing at the highest level of perfection, today a bicycle is an inevitable means of transport which, like a sewing machine, should no longer be missing in any household." Kastrup & Swetlik year 1912

EsKa - Cyclop Cycles year 1922

EsKa Cyclop Vintage Bicycle Historic bike Retro Velocipede

Ambros Swetlik from Silesia and Heinrich Kastrup from Germany, after leaving the factory at Premier in 1910 set up, due to the growing demand, another factory for the production of bicycles under the name Elite, later renamed as Es-Ka according to its first phonetic letters.

Already in 1914, they overtook the competing manufacturer Premier, and in 1935, 25 years after the company was established, they produced 500,000 bicycles.

Eska Cheb

Factory  ES-KA Cheb (Egger)  

At the time, EsKa together with Premier, were the largest and highest-quality manufacturers of bicycles in the Czech.


In 1922, thanks to great demand of bicycles, they have established together with František Hering,  another factory called "Tripol" located in Rokycany.


In addition to its main models EsKa and Iris, the company produced many other models also for its dealerships such as:

Alpen Rad, Apollo, Armada, Cyclop Cycles, Cyklop, Dagmar, Helix, Hubertus, Iris, Kompakt, Mars, Mignon, Paloma, Presto, Stabil, Stella, Tatra, etc.

Ambros Swetlik ESKA
Heinrich Kastrup ESKA

Ambros Swetlik and Heinrich Kastrup

         co-founders of factory EsKa

Eska Cyclops
EsKa converters
ESKA plants Cheb Egger
ESKA factory

This EsKa model Cyclop Cycles has been preserved in its original condition, the paint and nickel bear traces of use, and its noticeable beautifully wood imitated rims with fenders, a large 60-tooth chainring and Herkules bell.

The long-term owner of this bike was my friend from the wine region in South Moravia, who paid a lot of care to the bike and thanks to it, it has been preserved in a beautiful original condition.

vintage bicycle

1922 -  EsKa Cyclop Cycles - Cheb (Egger)  

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