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The Coventry Machinists Co.

“The first British manufacturer of velocipedes

CMC 1887 Universal Club no.2

The Coventry Machinist Company Limited Bicycle Works

The Penny-farthing also known as a High Wheel, High Wheeler or Ordinary had its peak between 1880 and 1890 until the new invention the ''safety bicycle'' was developed and the danger of headers (fall over the handlebars) were reduced.

High wheel
CMC Universal Club

The Coventry Machinists Co. was the first British manufacturer of velocipedes established in 1869, where James Starley (father of the British cycling industry), William Hillman, George Winter and others began before setting up their own bicycle business. They started with boneshakers in the Michaux style and in 1871 Starley & Hillman patented many improvements and the first ''Ariel'' was introduced.

 The Coventry Machinists Co. "Universal Club No.2" was the successful model in the mid-1880's, with patented detachable bent handle-bar, direct butt-ended spokes, adjustable single ball bearings to both wheels, plain hollow forks and front wheel grip brake.

James Starley

"Father of the British cycling industry"

This example of CMC remain in the beautiful patina with its original paint.

The long-lasting owner of this CMC was the legendary Jan Bejšovec, who for 17 years was a Chairman of the renewed Czech Cycling Club. More about this club here:


1887 - The Coventry Machinists Co. Universal Club no.2  

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