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“Racers! You can achieve victory effortlessly, without failure, on bicycles made of 1a materials! Contact Augustin Vondřich with confidence “

AVON - 1939 Augustin Vondrich

AVON | Augustin Vondrich 1939

Augustin Vondrich was a bicycle racer, bicycle seller and manufacturer, who came from a famous family, where his cousin Vaclav was a famous motorcycle racer associated with the Laurin & Klement. 

Augustine was one of the first collectors of historical bicycles in Europe and most of his exhibits are in the National Technical Museum in Prague.

Augustine Vondrich

Augustin Vondrich

(source National Technical Museum)

Augustin Vondrich had the main representation of Premier, ES-KA, Stadion, Achilles, Tudor, Tripol as well as foreign brands such as BSA, Brampton, Dürkopp, Wonder, Esper and others.


As well as the publisher of the magazine "Cyklista", advertising for "Avonky" could not be missing on the pages.


At the time, many sellers such as Augustin Vondrich offered their customers, who did not have all the cash to buy a bike, a favorable loan to those who had demonstrated the ability to meet regular weekly or monthly installments, where the installment was adjusted by agreement. There was also bicycle insurance against theft or insurance against accidents for a total amount of CZK 25,000.


This exhibit has been preserved in its original condition and comes from a small mountain village from Zdarske Vrchy where she spent part of her journey.


Agustin Vondřich Avon Historic bike

1939 - AVON - Augustin Vondrich  

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